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You are here: > Open Source Energy Network > Today in Free Energy

Today in Free Energy™

Open Source Energy Network (OSEN)

Marcus Cameron, audio visaul

Sterling D. Allan, Executive News Editor, OSEN

Daily review of the news compiled by Sterling D. Allan, Executive News Editor for the Open Source Energy Network, posted at, anchored by Charlee Redman, and produced by Marcus Cameron.

Charlee Redmon, professional voice actor

Marcus Cameron, audio visaul
See also This Week in Free Energy™

Latest (2005)

  • The Open Source Energy Network "Today in Free Energy" show was announced by OSEN to be temporarily discontinued on April 3, 2006.
  • The Open Source Energy Network and PES Network Inc. separate December 28, 2005.
  • Open Source Energy Network Moved to - With the launch of, you can now see the listing of shows there.  They have one panel with just the date, where the current day's show begins playing automatically.  They also have a panel that displays the audio links as well as the show description (OSEN)
Today in Free Energy (tm)


Index of shows prior to the Oct. 22 launch of

October, 2005

  • October 22 (high) (mp3) (low) (6.5 min) - A special Today In Free Energy report: Welcome to the all-new! (OSEN)
  • October 21 (high) (mp3) (low) (4.5 min) - Tankless water heaters v grid; 12.2 million to fund H energy solutions; Protecting power infrastructure from disaster; Honda's FCX concept; Arctic Ocean warming; SkyBuilt's plug-n-play.
  • October 20 (high) (mp3) (low) (4.5 min) - CIA buys into solar-wind unit; A tornado generator that processes waste; News on a series of Tidal Delay pilot plants; Nanotechnology 2005 gathering; New links to "This Week in Free Energy".
  • October 18 (high) (mp3) (low) (6 min) - Krystal Planet 2x sales/2month; work in the field? I-Volv Recruitment can help; peak oil and promising opportunities; quirky clean cars; Charlee Redman new anchor for TIFE.
  • October 17 (high) (mp3) (low) (6 min) - Joseph Papp's engine history; Water Fuel Museum opens; anatomy of ZPE; capitalizing on arctic warming plight; No Plan "B"; Tesla Conspiracy; HP Recalls laptop batteries; Technology review docs; Sterling Planet certificates; quantum dots; sea level rise.

  • Oct. 17, 2005
    > Professional voice actor, Charlee Redman, has joined the OSEN team to anchor the daily audio recording of our cutting edge energy technology news.  Welcome to the team, Charlee! What an incredible addition she makes! I think you will agree.
  • October 14 (high) (mp3) (low) (4 min) - Intergalactic Hydrogen video interview; focusing ocean waves; portable solar-water; betavoltaic power cell runs nearly 20 years; no-till farming v global warming.
  • October 13 (high) (mp3) (low) (4 min) - Turbulence enhances fuel combustion; Down Side to Candles; 90 years of data & Einstein; Konarka founder given award; Mercedes F600 Hygenius.
  • October 12 (high) (mp3) (low) (5 min) - SES lands 300-900 MW contract; geothermal heat pumps; magnet induction from wave power; solar-powered handbag.
  • October 11 (high) (mp3) (low) (5 min) - Grand Challenge for energy?; 1,000,000th view; reconsidering Helmholtz electrodynamics; flexible solar panel; director comments on loss of CryoSat; declining energy reserves and economic downturn.
  • October 10 (high) (mp3) (low) (5 min) - Buhtz' vertical axis design; Future Energy eNews; CryoSat satellite crashes; CO-wind; CC vert. axis wind; H from green algae; Katrine and Rita a taste of things to come?; DieselSecrets formula; electric ATV; venture capital hot on energy; GM long haul to H-cars; insurers predicting global warming.
  • October 7 (high) (mp3) (low) (3.5 min) - Bobbing for power; hydrogen embrittlement;; peer-to-patent; U.S.: 'global warming is real'.
  • October 6 (high) (mp3) (low) (3.5 min) - Charges, ZPE, VSE Rachets, and Mechanisms; probable cause for Mallove murder trial; full biological process wastewater process; Satellite to survey Earth's poles; Recycling Law in EU.
  • October 5 (high) (mp3) (low) (6.5 min) - IAUS secures site for 1-MW solar plant; launched, miniaturization of fuel cells; Category 6: Day of Destruction.
  • October 4 (high) (mp3) (low) (8 min) - Engineuity's onboard H production; American Eco-Energy's waste-to-energy; biooil to syngas to diesel; ORMAT leadership in geothermal.
  • October 3 (high) (mp3) (low) (8 min) - Nick Cook profile; CEM/EE model problems; Microcab on H; Tundra greening; Valone on ZPE feasibility; tech review documents; how to save energy; grass guzzlers; climate change faster than ever; Cold Fusion's heated history; damaged nanotubes improve H from H2O; palm oil for veggie tanks; more efficient nuclear fuel.

September, 2005

  • September 30 (high) (mp3) (low) (5.5 min) - Solar cell phone charger; patents v. state secrets; Dutch win world solar race; cows in power out; ethanol trading like world commodity.
  • September 29 (high) (mp3) (low) (5.5 min) - Free Energy Congress launched; power-generating wearable electronics; solar sail test; copper wire and over unity devices?; defense questions credibility of informant in Mallove case.
  • September 28 (high) (mp3) (low) (5.5 min) - Microgrids like peer-to-peer; grapes and biofuel; DOE slashing renewables?; China renewables growing 25% annually; worst hurricane season?
  • September 27 (high) (mp3) (low) (4 min) - New Energy Movement; renewables R&D investment declining; rich & poor nations renewables proportions the same; Green-e's national certification; illegal alien's arrested at nuke plant.
  • September 26 (high) (mp3) (low) (7 min) - Hyperdimensional Katrina; ENOOON; World Solar Challenge; 'Access Denied'; cabinet waste to energy; cold plasma; biodiesel for Katrina relief; unfeasibility of rebuilding New Orleans; Genesis delivering product?; hybrids up.
  • September 23 (high) (mp3) (low) (5 min) - Ram implosion wing and electrogravitic implosion propulsion system; Infinite Energy magazine; intelligent energy management; Manhattan project for clean energy; impact of global warming on weather patterns underestimated.
  • September 22 (high) (mp3) (low) (4 min) - Oy Windside vertical-axis turbines; waste-to-oil; the "90° Rule" theory for magnet motors; global warming point of no return.
  • September 21 (high) (mp3) (low) (5 min) - Ocean wave propulsion energy; Kneider wave system; Rita headed for Houston and refineries; hog manure to power; how patent system stifles innovation.
  • September 20 (high) (mp3) (low) (5 min) - GMCC coverage; Harold Berndt on Hutchison; recycling up 2x in England; patents stifling innovation; Safeway fuel stations on wind.
  • September 19 (high) (mp3) (low) (8 min) - ZPE problems?; Venturi EV; Pantones legal battles; static-man ignites office; making ice w/o electricity; green tags;; mechanics of foot travel; Tilley's silver box; hurricanes and global warming; Mallove suspect questions; radiation detector.
  • September 16 (high) (mp3) (low) (5 min) - Biomass in abundance from Katrina; GM hasn't heard of Tilley; never use dead cats for fuel; DaimlerChrysler's FCell; 15 states suing feds for appliance inefficiencies.
  • September 15 (high) (mp3) (low) (5 min) - Tilley's endless electric vehicle; ExtraOrdinary Technology conf. teaser video.; T Townsend Brown coverage; Hutchison materials-effects photos; Carmanah's solar LEDs; 75 miles for a 5 minute recharge.
  • September 14 (high) (mp3) (low) (4.5 min) - Pedal-powered 400W generator; Gary Voss and Tap-Ten Research; grass power; CO2 release from soil.
  • September 13 (high) (mp3) (low) (4.5 min) - Oil dependence and famine; floating nuclear power station; solutions to wind vane abrasion; organic electronic materials advances; alt energy tech stocks up with oil woes.
  • September 12 (high) (mp3) (low) (7.5 min) - Gulf oil patch damage update; zinc powder for solar storage; nanotech for oil clean-up; Air Quality V conf.; nanotech reaches ZPE threshhold; New Energy Times #12; ZPE modules; notes from the forming vortex; July a record hurricane month; Lutec demo video; water desalinization by Sandia, ZAP selling; Asia going green; methane causes.
  • September 9 (high) (mp3) (low) (3.5 min) - Power-generating backpack; Leedskalnin magnetic currents; 'liquid' magnetic state.
  • September 8 (high) (mp3) (low) (4.5 min) - Magnet energy?; hydrogen tablet; solar underwater robot; Rex Webb's Project Veneficus.
  • September 7 (high) (mp3) (low) (3.5 min) - TWIFE from last three weeks; microbial fuel cells; method slashes quantum dot cost 80%.
  • September 6 (high) (mp3) (low) (5 min) - Laser fusion in ten years; wind power myths; gulf oil disruption and govt. ineptitude; peat bogs and global warming.
  • September 5 (high) (mp3) (low) (6.5 min) - Hybrid lighting, bringing sun indoors; heat pump savings; UV light disinfecting; Bush's gas-guzzlers; galaxy crash; weather control; testing the waters via chip; titanium and H storage; EV discussion list.
  • September 2 (high) (mp3) (low) (7 min) - Cow micro-organism electricity; H2O + light --> H; nano-sized silver hollandite; Gulf oil assessing.
  • September 1 (high) (mp3) (low) (3.5 min) - Purdue's Hydrogen from Water; Iran biotech for purer uranium; 100 untapped Geothermal sites in U.S.; oil and Katrina.

August, 2005

  • August 31 (high)   (low) (7 min) - Lightning guns; German 5.3 MW solar power plant; a way to test for dark energy; long-haul trucker's idle reduction.
  • August 30 (high)   (low) (7 min) - Hydrogen Peroxide as energy store and fuel; Pantone's court appearance, hydrogen in the hall; global warming and hurricane Katrina; amineborane H storage; Honda Civic improvements.
  • August 29 (high)   (low) (7 min) - XsunX rollout end of 2005; plug-in activism; fuel cells to top battery out; Metoz debunked?; renewables & clean water; fuel cells worldwide report; Tom Valone highlight; gouging peak oil?; manure to heat; Spain takes wind lead; thaw flaw.
  • August 26 (high)   (low) (7 min) - Mitsubishi announces in-wheel-motor test vehicle; life forms in hyperspace are ZPEs; Calif. to save $6 billion with million solar roofs; suing for global warming.
  • August 25 (high)   (low) (7 min) - Biodiesel maker for your garage; xylose to ethanol and sweetener; solar surface polarization reduction; succinate from bacteria; 251-million-year-old climate model.
  • August 24 (high)   (low) (7 min) - July 30 interview with Pantone; alt energy's growing popularity; light faster than light; forest waste to bio-oil; sea ice may be increasing in Antarctic.
  • August 23 (high)   (low) (7 min) - HyTech's water car; no waste like home; room temp ice; tax-break convolution; climatologists wager on warming. (OSEN)
  • August 22 (high)   (low) (7 min) - Pantone incarcerated; astronaut's magnetic boots; liquid mitrogen economy; wave data off U.K. coast; Siberian permafrost melting; big ol' house; end is nigh; burying CO2; nanotubes of promise; downsides of power grid broadband; Greenland glacier triples speed.
  • August 19 (high)   (low) (7 min) - EV Gray's nephew talks; fuel cell heat and power for British homes; CERN neutrino project on target; Perdue molecular electronics; Senators see global warming up north.
  • August 18 (high)   (low) (7 min) - New thermo-piezo nanotech energy; $150 million Teragrid award; biodiesel propylene glycol spin-off boon; National Guard solar; cloud seeding for climate change shunting.
  • August 17 (high)   (low) (7 min) - Pee power battery; plug-in hybrids getting 250?; Dirac sea; Ovonic light-weight, high-efficiency solar grant; global warming helps some crops.
  • August 16 (high)   (low) (7 min) - EO Tech 2005 conf teaser; Alek's free energy and anti-gravity; CNET on Stirling-solar; Ag. Dept. energy $$?; power line DSL; troposphere warming.
  • August 15 (high)   (low) (7 min) - Microturbine efficiency at 80%; world averages 13.3% primary renewables; portable power event; warming impact most in tropics; Solar's Sunny Days; diesel engine illustration; alt. geniuses; global warming theology; solar towers; Nuvera's fuel cell stack test; economics of warming.
  • August 12 (high)   (low) (7 min) - Stirling Energy Systems feature page; Micro-vortices in Earth's magnetosphere; Ball Lightning in a Bottle PESWiki "latest" pages archived.
  • August 11 (high)   (low) (7 min) - Stirling-solar array in CA to be world's largest; yacht on space technology; Ventura's "Return-to-Flight" special; Oregon warming documented; PES fund drive.
  • August 10 (high)   (low) (5 min) - Dryer rinse for energy savings; Valone's Future Energy eNews;; Bush to stop oil dependence by 4920.
  • August 9 (high)   (low) (8 min) - Magnetic Piston Generator; glow-in-the-dark lights; solar shortages; big oil's obscene profits; energy bill signed.
  • August 8 (high)   (low) (8 min) - Solar H storage via Zinc cycle; Rice Straw to Ethanol; ITER overview; Into the Cool; Kruger biomass; open source; ZIP; EnergyStorm abstracts; SG replication; CompactPower; ocean energy.
  • August 5 (high)   (low) (4.5 min) - Lee Bowman's son affirms dad's magnet motor; removing oil from water; wind power contemplated for Forest Service land; Drought bumps up global thermostat.
  • August 4 (high)   (low) (6 min) - Green Mountain and EcoQuest to bring clean, affordable electricity to the mainstream; Deere goes green with wind division; Wisconsin college creates online RE courses; decades of hurricanes threaten offshore oil.
  • August 3 (high)   (low) (6.5 min) - Bowman magnet motor development;;; 9 million tires to energy; CO2 sequestering by earth impacted by fossil fuel burning.
  • August 2 (high) (11 min) (low) - Solar power reaches grid prices; magnet motor claim in Russia; hurricanes and global warming; US energy bill passes; Blacklight Power updates; U.S. Solar energy report; Distributed Energy Stock Index.

July, 2005

  • July 29 (high) (5 min) (low) - Flexible, light-weight solar; H-from water SEC filing; propellantless propulsion; petition Congress for better energy bill.
  • July 28 (high) (5 min) (low) - Solar Challenge winner; Mallove murder suspect #2 arrested; thin film solar to market in Sept; Energy Federation Inc.
  • July 27 (high) (10 min) (low) - Fiber optics shine sunlight indoors; the nature of aether; Germany surpasses Japan's solar pace; metal-cooled computing; Greenland glaciers melting faster.
  • July 26 (high) (7 min) (low) - 'Drop in the ocean' part II; solar workshop online; sonofusion prior art; green Queen of England; geothermal progress in U.S. bill.
  • July 25 (high) (7 min) (low) - LDS church mall ponders green; Infinite-Energy Issue 62; three weeks of TWIFE; McKinnon interview.
  •  July 24 (high) (5 min) (low) - All EM is ZPE...; Wal-Mart trying on green; living off grid; shape-shifting solar plastic; DNA-based nano-wires.
  • July 23 (high) (9 min) (low) - Vietnam massive waste-to-energy project; nanotech coming of age; bulbs from NASA and Westinghouse; fuel cell sector too crowded?; World Bank wants public role in climate change.
  • July 22 (high) (5 min) (low) - Korean solar cell; British anti-gravity; Shanghai solar roofs; European renewable energy campaign; Yale/MIT on consumption v environment.
  • July 21 (high) (7 min) (low) - Lightning wrangler; Floyde Sweet's GE and MIT references; Scotty beamed up; circumnavigation; MIT leading Solar Challenge.
  • July 20 (high) (7 min) (low) - AEC's H from H2O alpha demo unit complete; hacking military anti-gravity and ZPE; planning sustainable cities; capital warming.
  • July 19 (6 min) (low) - Peltier cooling; cavitation induced nuclear fusion; Tesla movie; Alberta U wind advance; Hydrogenics fuel cells; methane 2x on global warming?
  • July 18 (6 min) (low) - Cycclone Magnet Engine; Slashdot on Perdue sonofusion; Pentadyne's Flywheel in Medical energy backup; Sundance mayor's photo album; International Inventor Investor Connection.
  • July 17 (11 min) (low) - Gravitational Mass Fluctuations and the Hutchison Effect Explained; Nuclear Fusion by Artificial Plasma Produced by Gravity Control; Chicken Litter energy; 7 Governors urge Bush; Siberia up 3Ί C in 45 years.
  • July 16 (5 min) (low) - Global Institute for New Energy Technologies; H using Na; PV concentrators making cost-effective solar imminent; nonopore advandages; 600 financiers looking at alt energy.
  • July 15 (7.5 min) (low) - Sonofusion bubbling to mainstream; Mallove suspect pleads 'not guilty'; Atomic not clean?; Nano-graphite H-storage; PF fabric show; Methane-to-Market; industry lured green; Organic v. Conventional farms.
  • July 14 (6 min) (low) - Perdue sonofusion report; TIFE; Tesla quote;; improved lumber drying; Global Climate 100 index.
  • July 13 (13.5 min) (low) - Sundance climate summit report; second suspect pending arrest in Mallove murder; anti-gravity convention pending; Americans for Energy Independence; climate skeptics diminishing; waste paper solution.
  • July 12 (10 min) (low) - Tesla & lightning synchronicity; new look at; upcoming ExtraOrdinary Tech. conference;June news archived; nuclear non-answers; Vallone's IRI eNews; N. Atlantic Ocean warming; H-boost in Europe.
  • July 11 (10 min) (low) - Oil Patch fears; New Energy Times newsletter Issue 11, the premier news source on cold fusion; largest solar park; American Anti-Gravity updates; hybrid NY taxis.
  • July 10 (6 min) (low) - TWIFE; Tesla's B-day = Global Energy Independence Day discussion & announcement list; global wind power; gas to diesel.
  • July 9 (5 min) (low) - Ethanol rebuttal; international fusion reaction; grease to fuel; global warming impact on Europe.
  • July 8 (13 min) (low) - Global Energy Independence Day; Genesis Scientific boastings; wind turbines v birds; largest H plant; Bush urging bland G8 stance on climate change response.
  • July 7 (4 min) (low) - Military laser world-record energy output; Tokamak Fusion Reactor; solar aircraft to circumnavigate globe; ethanol & erosion; Bush on energy at G8.
  • July 6 (9.5 min) (low) - Lightning power prototype; holographic photovoltaics; ethanol costs more than generates; LED 1/2-watt high lumen; oceans to acid.
  • July 5 (8 min) (low) - Lightning power prototype;  electron concept; Zn storage for solar; Raser e-racer; Bearden's Lorentz paper; eco-friendly community; G-8 driving on straw; Boiling Point.
  • July 2 (3.5 min) (low) - Liquid H UAV; Honda FCX delivered; Earth & ZPE?; Salmon & Dam; new energy source v. conservation; s. africa to desert?
  • July 1 (4 min) (low) - fuel-cell humanoid; fusion at anu; solar race; ethanol not solution; UN biofuel; global warming storm costs.

June, 2005

  • June 30 (8 min) - ITER fusion tidbits, downsides; nanowires; Li-ion bat. progress; EU sunshine mapping; hybrid buyers guide; US senate on renewables; problems with clean.
  • June 29 (4 min) (low) - Apollo Program for hydrogen; France awarded fusion site; Zn-air battery 33% more; global warming, storms and insurance; MADMEN to deflect asteroids through Newton's 2nd.
  • June 28 (10.5 min) (low) - What Lutec, GMCC, Bedini, and Bearden may have in common -- magnet polarity flipping; aetherometry; Mphase smart batteries; biofuel narrows rich-poor gap; OPEC turning to wind; fuel cell market projection; Deep Impact.
  • June 27 (11 min) (low) - J.L. Naudin's MAHG generator breakthrough; features archived; Navajo solar/wind; Honda to slash fuel cell car price; running on veg oil; BioOil emulsion; ZPE thought experiment; solar racing U; grassroots tools; easy solar water heater plans; quantum dot battle.
  • June 24 (17 min) (low) - Lutec 1000 commercially-ready, free-energy?; ground source heat pump savings report; Volvo fuel cell module for idle replacement; complex hydrates for H-storage; wires in microbes; ice age repeat pending.
  • June 23 (9 min) (low) - Energy from the Vacuum documentary; hot fusion reactor location; deep geothermal photosynthesis; new lead acid batt; near black-out May 27; EU wants 20% efficiency gain.
  • June 22 (4 min) (low) - Cosmos 1 lost; biofuel competitive point; fuel cell doctoral training grant; new form of matter; pandemic and energy.
  • June 21 (4.5 min) (low) - ENV: fuel cell motorbike; biogas train; Denmark goal doable; heavy photons.
  • June 20 (7 min) (low) - Mud stove; Cosmos 1; positive superconductors; ZPE direct;; inventors sign-up; burning bush; umbrella power feedback; H-trends; anaerobic digester; hybrids mainstream; fresh H20 day after tomorrow.
  • June 17 (6 min) (low) - MPI's ZPE device; OSEN inventor registrations; MEG update; PlastoFuel; 10-year atomic battery; canned lighting efficiency; 300 groups against nuclear; superconducting nanowires.
  • June 16 (7.5 min) (low) - NanoSolar's solution; Mallove's murderer was not acting alone; Green Energy Corp's gassification plant pending; UC Davis spectrum light; Smart Car in Canada; new quantum dot theory.
  • June 15 (5 min) (low) - Tesla on gravity; Char as fertilizer or fuel?; if Mallove had not died...; mag. North Pole moves from Canada; plastic oil; brightest LED.
  • June 14 (11 min) (low) - Umbrella gives shock near pylons; geothermal potential; anti-grav. latest; UK wind farm; Japan nuclear glitch; cow pie power; soil emissions.
  • June 13 (12.5 min) (low) - Semi trailer truck on acetone; 24kW EDF Generator prototype; Roger Richard's Bourke engine project; viewing carbon from space; propane-burning fuel cell; global warming recovery 55 mil. years ago; 200 tons/day BioOil plant; Yale energy poll; G8 and global warming; (OT) diabetes recovery update.
  • June 10 (7 min) - NanoHorizons' solar breakthrough; paraglider on acetone; electron waves; Eureka's NiZn battery; Bubble Mill; MIT energy org.
  • June 9 (3.5 min) - Solar Window Film; ZPE paper; Greens going nuclear; Biofuel progress; White House cooks green books; Boostcap ultracapacitor.
  • June 8 (4.0 min) - Cold Fusion article; pollution-eating bacteria; Rensselaer center for future energy systems.
  • June 7 (8.0 min) - Kundel motor design; gas mileage secrets; solar sail launch; ocean floor hydrates; SunPower panels.
  • June 4 (4 min) - Waterkite for rescue missions; new catalytic process for biodiesel creation; ocean warming.
  • June 3 (5.5 min) - Sterling Allan discusses today's news. Ocean temp gradient tapping?; more on Mallove murderer arrest; electric motor with no magnets; trading gas pollution cards.
  • June 2 (5.5 min) - Sterling Allan discusses today's news. Eugene Mallove's murder suspect incarcerated; Nanotech and thermoelectric efficiency; capturing CO2 from power plants; taking off the tie; Prius blues.
  • June 1 (16 min) - Sterling Allan discusses today's news. Cryogenics boosts mileage & longevity; solar tower par-down; age of oil.  Personal comments about depression as trigger for diabetes.

May, 2005

  • May 31 (6.5 mins) - Sterling Allan discusses today's news. More on wind map; Exxon hypocrisy; Maine's biofuel pioneering; World Environment Day & fuel cell cars.
  • May 30 - Sterling D. Allan and Marcus Cameron discuss today's news. Solar ethanol; General Electric 4x wind revenue; Golisano nixes windmill eyesores; municipal clean energy supplementation; SPECIAL REPORT: Sterling's brush with near diabetic coma, lessons for energy.
  • May 28 (6 min) - Sterling D. Allan discusses today's news. WEEE-man not so small; Vaporate injection collar now on sale; Galactic EM Waves; H-sensor improvements.
  • May 27 (10 mins) - Sterling D. Allan discusses today's news. Solar-Hydrogen Maglev national rail network; H-Kit; Nuclear Energy -- bitter pill; 'smart' solid state lighting; 8 Billion Gal Ethanol U.S.
  • May 26 (10 mins) - Sterling D. Allan discusses today's news. Infinite Energy magazine out; Beaudette response to DOE cold fusion review; Waranlinc down; Acetone results database; water-fire place; India biodiesel 20%; conservation and meat&dairy.
  • May 25 (10.5 mins) - Sterling D. Allan discusses today's news. Mark Peters Magnet motor. Wind Map, 40x power; Acetone reports; ZAP $1 billion PO; solar hybrids; $300 mil waste-to-energy plant.

Mark Peters'
magnet motor

  • May 24 (8 mins) - Sterling D. Allan discusses today's news. Ammonia Cracker for H-on-demand; Quantum dot again; small wind turbine getting bigger; photocatalyst mimics nature; conservation manual coming online.
  • May 23 (7 mins) - Sterling D. Allan discusses today's news. Searl Effect overview; Vectra on acetone; France upping biofuel; Sri Lanka wind; alt energy auto world.
  • May 22 (8 mins) - Sterling D. Allan discusses today's news. Tour de Sol skirts 100 mpg; Pelamis wave machine going commercial; steam hydrocarbon reformers.
  • May 21 (8.5 mins) - Sterling D. Allan discusses today's news. Bedini monopole project update by Rich Friedrich; claims to over unity replications (tapping radiant energy).
  • May 20 (8 mins) - Sterling D. Allan and discusses today's news. Mark Peter's magnet motor design. Searl lecture on magnet waves; lightning CN Tower; H from Ethanol; FC breakthrough.
  • May 19 (4.5 mins) - Sterling D. Allan and discusses today's news. AEC's hydrogen-from-water, on-demand system demonstrated; Tesla turbine story; solar sailing the galaxy; green building and IT robustness a match?; global warming deadlier than Hitler.
  • May 18 (8 mins) - Sterling D. Allan discusses today's news. Bacteria as a workhorse in alt energy -- not to be concerned; Wave buoys; news archives; rediscovering fire; Prius spotlight.
  • May 17 (24 mins) - Sterling D. Allan and Matthew L. Carson discuss today's news. Eugene Mallove murder investigation red flag; cheap, synthetic natural gas; vortex toilet; global wind potential; Konarka solar army; Bush on biodiesel; OSEN Hummer on veg. oil & hydrogen.
  • May 16 (11 mins) - Sterling D. Allan covers today's news. Greens going nuclear?; Ultar-clean coal; Nature cleaning atmosphere; H-wind.
  • May 13 (9 mins) - Sterling D. Allan discusses today's news. DOJ files civil action against MagCorp, which declined a local inventor's proposal for a clean-up method. Another BetaVoltaics story; Zenn electric car; solar model boat race; global warming tax.
  • May 12 (8.5 mins) - Sterling D. Allan discusses today's news. Tornado in a can; H-storage; trading CO2; biodiesel pump; $1 billion for clean energy; compact fluorescent.
  • May 11 (13 mins) - Sterling D. Allan and Matthew L. Carson of the Open Source Energy Network discuss today's news. Four synchronistic stories on nuclear energy, covering spills, remediation, batteries, and cold fusion. Hybrid comparisons.


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