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You are here: > Directory > Organizations > Intalek > GMF paper

How to Build Free Energy and Antigravitational Devices and Systems that Utilize Gravitational Mass Fluctuations

'Update' comments by nascent book author, William Alek.  Progress report of book composition since earlier in 2004.


The Paper/Book


Update Notification Comments by author, William S. Alek

GMF and the Hutchison Effect Explained

From: "William Alek" <email >
Sent: Saturday, July 16, 2005 5:35 PM
Subject: UPDATE: GMF and the Hutchison Effect Explained

Hello all,

I just uploaded the next big release 3.4 of GMF, which includes, "The Hutchison Effect Explained":

This is a MUST see report and begins on page 112. The key issue is that complex magnetic fields jB will induce COLD eddy currents ji in metals. The metal sample quite literally COLD melts at room temperature. John inserted bits of other metals and organic materials into the softened metal block as shown. The block later re-solidified effectively "freezing" the material within its lattice structure.

Now, the metallurgical implications of this process are BEYOND mind blowing! Once perfected, it will no doubt change the world - again. Imagine building plains, trains and automobiles without the application of heat simply by manipulating complex fields and COLD casting of metals.

Astonishing, simply astonishing...


FIGURE 52. Metal samples from John Hutchison’s lab.
: "How to Build FreeEnergy and Antigravitational Devices and Systems that Utilize Gravitational Mass Fluctuations" by William Alek; p. 112. (link)

See also:
 - Hutchison-Effect Photo-Gallery
 - John Hutchison (index page at

* * * *

Major new release of GMF - The Technology

From: [Bill Alek <email >]
Date: Wed Jul 13, 2005 6:53 pm
Subject: UPDATE: Major new release of GMF - The Technology

I just uploaded my latest release 3.3 of GMF paper (book). Who said FREE ENERGY and Antigravity isn't so! Balderdash!

The "plain truth" begins on page 105. How I arrived at the "plain truth" begins on page 48.

"Complex Field Mass Fluctuation Technologies" is the title. What makes it so is that the electron is simply a "complex" particle - PAM Dirac. It reacts to both real and imaginary fields. A Tunnel Diode, for example, has a complex field component at the semiconductor junction. As I said before, NEGATIVE RESISTANCE is a myth, however, electrons reacting to complex fields gives the "illusion" of NEGATIVE RESISTANCE.

Forget about A-field "nonsense". The AB Effect is nothing more than complex magnetic and electric fields! Canceling a REAL magnetic field causes an IMAGINARY magnetic field to emerge. Again, electrons being "complex" particles react to imaginary fields as well.

So how does "antigravity" fit into all this? A decrease in mass of a spinning electron is moving into the complex plane. This, in turn, couples to gravity as a negative displacement - antigravity, naturally!

I'm still working on the Relativity of Orbital Spin. So, ignore that for now.

Stay tuned, there's more to come...

* * * *

Einstein's GREATEST Blunder Revealed in GMF

From: [Bill Alek <email >]
Date: Sun Jan 2, 2005 1:58 pm
Subject: UPDATE: Einstein's GREATEST Blunder Revealed in GMF

In my latest GMF paper, version 2.5, I show Einstein's GREATEST blunder in regards to his General Relativity Theory. The proverbial "corner stone" of his theory is that the gravitational mass is equivalent to the inertial mass. Page 18 clearly shows why this can NOT be:

Shown in Fig. 8 is the classic elevator diagram and why it FAILS. It fails because of radiation reaction due to Newton's second law of motion, f=ma. As shown, the natural relativistic mass fluctuation of an elevator at rest on the surface of the Earth is zero. However, the special relativistic mass fluctuation of the same elevator accelerating in space is non-zero, and as a consequence, radiates electromagnetic waves. A gravitational mass at rest does NOT radiate!

His failure is due to mass fluctuations occuring, or not occuring in relation to the motion or stationary position of the elevators. Therefore, a new Principle of Equivalence is required and presented.

I'm presently working on Complex Electron Drift, also known as "cold current".

* * * *

Complex Amperian Currents of GMF

From: [Bill Alek <email >]
Date: Fri Dec 31, 2004 8:27 pm
Subject: UPDATE: Complex Amperian Currents of GMF

You'll recall in the movie STAR TREK IV: The Voyage Home, the character Scotty, introduces "transparent aluminum" to the 20th century. How could this be done to Aluminum as well as other materials such as gold? How could these materials be made completely transparent? Beginning on page 37 of version 2.4 describes what I call Complex Amperian Currents:

The Bohr Model of the Hydrogen atom is described as having a Complex Amperian Current. A magnetic field is created due to an electron orbiting at relativistic speeds. Externally influencing this magnetic field changes the very nature of the orbiting electron.

In summary, if the real and imaginary components of a moving electron precisely match in magnitude, or ?=45°, then the atom could absorb and reemit an equal amount of photons and anti-photons, and therefore, become transparent. Also, if the real component of the magnetic field is cancelled, or B=0T, then a complex jB magnetic field emerges and the velocity of the circulating electron becomes complex, or jv. This complex magnetic field is believed to be present in the Aharonov-Bohm Experiment, which affects the flow of electrons. The complex Amperian Current uses the temporal rotation operator, or Euler’s identity e^(j?), where 0°???90°. As the motion of an electron rotates from real to imaginary, or ??90°, the special relativistic electron mass decreases and its’ radius increases. In addition, the radius of the orbit (i.e., classic 1st Bohr radius) and the magnetic force remain constant or invariant during this rotation.

The complete complex model is shown here:


* * * *


Gravitomagnetic Theory of GMF

From: [Bill Alek <email >]
Date: Mon Dec 13, 2004 7:07 pm
Subject: UPDATE: Gravitomagnetic Theory of GMF

I just uploaded by latest and greatest version 2.1 of GMF:

Of special interest is the new Gravitomagnetic Theory section shown on page 31: Gravitomagnetic Theory begins with the Biot-Savart Law and shows that a moving electron produces a relativistic mass that extends from its’ classic radius to infinity, and couples to gravity. This motion can either have a typical velocity or a complex (i.e., time-reversed) velocity. If the velocity is complex, then the electron will exhibit an antigravitational effect, and produce a complex (i.e., time-reversed) magnetic field. In addition, the total field energy of a complex magnetic field contained within a volume is NEGATIVE.

In addition, I gave the paper a major overhaul clearing up many of the derivations.

Not only does GMF theory allow for machines that utilize antigravity, but also permits time machines and time travel. Antigravity, time travel as well as FREE ENERGY all appear to be closely linked, and gravitomagnetism provides this "astounding" link.

* * * *

Summary of GMF

From: [Bill Alek <email >]
: Fri Nov 26, 2004 10:08 pm
Subject: UPDATE: Summary of GMF

I added a little more detail to my "Summary of Gravimetric Mass Fluctuations" section:

I cleared up some of the calculations and included the time derivatives, derivatives, and difference forms related to curvature. Keep in mind the fundamental premise regarding this analysis is that kinetic energy MUST be ZERO. We are ONLY looking for gravitational effects.

As shown above, GMF is a "Primary Gravitational Effect" due to natural universal mass attraction and the New Equivalence Principle is a "Secondary Gravitational Effect" due to constant relative motion through space (Einstein's SR). Both effects can occur simultaneously, are gravitational, and therefore, are additive!

The purpose of Natural Relativity Theory (NRT) is to establish a simple fixed point of reference. From this point, observations are made regarding mass fluctuations.

I'm also working on Gravitomagnetic Theory and how this will integerate with GMF. It turns out the Biot-Savart Law is an Einstein SR effect, and therefore, a secondary gravitational effect. The results will be STUNNING!

Earlier Updates

Initial posting excerpts from Yahoo!Groups query=update+gmf
(List sign-up [free] required to access these links)

Subject and text Date
2848 UPDATE: Everything in this Universe is Curved!
... UPDATE: Everything in this Universe is Curv ... change in mass and volume are referred to as Gravimetric Mass Fluctuations, or GMF. F.A.B., The Doctor...
Oct 5, 2004
2:50 pm
2826 UPDATE: Gravimetric Mass Fluctuations Paper
... UPDATE: Gravimetric Mass Fluctuations Paper ... "The Doctor" <doctor_whodini@ ...> ...Hello all, My latest and greatest version of GMF: http://www.intalek. com/Papers/GMFfi...
Sep 28, 2004
7:25 pm
2763 UPDATE: The Warp Factor Equation
... UPDATE: The Warp Factor Equation ... "The Doctor" <doctor_whodini@ ...> ...Hello all, http://www.intalek. com/Papers/GMFfinal.pdf On page 15, I used the old(...
Sep 17, 2004
5:49 pm
2746 UPDATE: Latest GMF Paper
... UPDATE: Latest GMF Paper ...
Sep 13, 2004
7:20 pm
2635 Summary of GMF
... gradients between planets and stars. A simple, but effective idea. Stay tuned for updates! The Doctor ... of GMF ...
Aug 14, 2004
9:35 pm
2460 UPDATE: Gravimetric Mass Fluctuations Paper
... UPDATE: Gravimetric Mass Fluctuations Paper ... Hello all, I updated my latest and greatest work: http://www.intalek. com/Papers/GMF.pdf I show: 1. Everything in this un...
Jun 30, 2004
7:55 pm
1542 Fluctuating Capacitor Space Drive System
.."William Alek" <intalek2003@ ...> ...Hello all, I just updated Figure 27, cutaway view of a fluctuating capacitor space drive: http://www.intalek. com/Papers/GMF.pdf The inner shell is driven by the...
Dec 24, 2003
8:35 pm
1458 UPDATE: Gravitational Mystery Spot Research Project
... UPDATE: Gravitational Mystery Spot Research ... illustrated on the far right of this diagram: http://www.intalek. com/Papers/GMF_summary.gif According to theory, a c...
Dec 3, 2003
7:30 pm
1340 UPDATE: The ZPOD - COP 2.0 Over-Unity/Free Energy System
... UPDATE: The ZPOD - COP 2.0 Over-Unity/Free ... of why the ZPOD works is shown on pages 31 to 34: > http://www.intalek. com/Papers/GMF.pdf > > The KEY issue is capturing t...
Nov 14, 2003
9:50 am
1242 UPDATE: SmartWAVE - Gravimetric Wave Detector
... UPDATE: SmartWAVE - Gravimetric Wave Detect ... pdf The mathematical relation is shown on page 30: http://www.intalek. com/Papers/GMF.pdf The fundamental principle is tha...
Oct 30, 2003
8:47 am

See also

  • Intalek, Inc.. - 'How to build devices and systems that utilize Parametric Mass Fluctuation: a breakthrough in energy and inertialess field propulsion technology.' (index page of Bill Alek's work;

Page posted by Sterling D. Allan, July 16, 2003
Last updated November 17, 2006



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   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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