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You are here: FreeEnergyNews.com > Directory > John Hutchison

John Hutchison

"The Hutchison Effect, discovered in 1979, occurs as the result of radio wave interferences in a zone of spatial volume encompassed by high voltage sources, usually a Van de Graff generator, and two or more Tesla coils." (Mark A. Solis)

See also: John Hutchison - index at PESWiki.com


  • Officials Want to Close John Hutchison's Lab Again - Eccentric inventor, who has levitated all kinds of things, along with extracting voltage from rocks, is running into trouble with city officials again, just as a Fox news feature is about to film a feature there. He faced a similar dilemma back in Nov. 2003. (RumorMillNews; March 24, 2008)
pw: area51
  • HutchisonEffect.ca Update - "The John Kenneth Hutchison's web site has been heavily updated recently. We invite you to explore the site. Thank-you to everyone who has had a part to play. (Thanks Adrien; Sept. 19, 2007)
  • Hutchison to be Interviewed on Feet2Fire - Live this Sunday evening, Feb. 12, 2006, three hours: 5-9 pm Pacific, available worldwide.  "Many talk about Anti-Gravity... He is one who has done it, and has the film, and the Government Intervention to prove it!"
  • Hutchison Materials-Effects Photos - Tim Ventura took a road-trip to John's house in Vancouver to capture him on film and provide a more in-depth perspective of this controversial inventor. (American Antigravity; Sept. 2005)
  • GMF and the Hutchison Effect Explained - William Alek theorizes how complex magnetic fields associated with Gravitational Mass Fluctuations (GMF) will induce cold eddy currents in metals, causing them to melt at room temperature -- an effect demonstrated repeatedly by John Hutchison, who also demonstrates anti-gravity phenomenon with the effect.. (FreeEnergyNews; July 15, 2005)
  • Mel Winfield Provides Evidence to His Claims as Originator of Theory Behind "Hutchison Effect" - Says he has refined the effect into a controllable form.  Publishes documents signed by Hutchison to support his claim to being the originator of the theory that Hutchison then demonstrated.


I've had two people in the past month tell me they gave money to John to receive a device and never received it.

(Sterling D. Allan; Aug. 31, 2004)

About John Hutchison

The Hutchinson Effect - review at AmericanAntigravity.com

Scientist, Researcher, Tesla Expert, Inventor & Developer of:
*The Hutchison Effect
*Hutchison Converter
*"Dirt Cheap" Shake & Bake Method of Producing Unique Zero Point Energy Batteries

"Canadian inventor John Hutchison uses ultra-high electromagnetic frequencies to transform matter in interesting ways. The "Hutchison effect" is a form of levitation by translational movements, where objects become lighter and move around.

"Applications make use of zero point energy to power propulsion-type technologies. For example, a crystal energy converter interfaces with the jittering of zero point energy, powering motors that can scale up to many horsepower. Also, simple batteries that border on the paranormal are shown. Through harnessing electromagnetic frequencies, metals levitate and transmute into unknown metal types.

"This is very much on the outer edge of science, where a type of dimension shift is created at the subatomic level by conventional electrostatic, RF fields and Tesla waves which open up a keyway into time and space.

"Through the activated zero point energy fields and interdimentional gravitational waves, Hutchison shows us stainless steel bars falling apart and transmuting into unknown metals and objects (we see a 70-lb. cannon ball becoming weightless and floating)."
Quoted from:

"Free Energy — The Race to Zero Point" Video Review
  • Hutchison Effect 2006 Remix - Never-before-seen footage (stream) in 2006 Remix-Edition. Must-see compilation features the classic levitation, jellification of metals, and transmutation effects in a montage of restored footage. (American AntiGravity; Jan. 2, 2005)


See also

Page created by Sterling D. Allan, April 12, 2003
Last updated March 24, 2008



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