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You are here: > Directory > Dennis Lee

Dennis Lee

Dennis Lee's 30 MW generator

See also: Dennis Lee -- the Enigma (index at PESWiki)

Caution > Dennis Lee offers dealerships of a wide array of products, most of which are not free energy related, and which are legitimage.  His methods of generating support for free energy technologies is problematic.  Tends to claim technologies as his own when they are taken from others.  Technology has promise, but deadline fixing creates huge credibility problems when not fulfilled.  He often specifically targets Christian audiences and uses religion as a "support" for his cause and technologies.  Many earmarks of a shyster.

Testimonial > Dennis Lee is the 'Real Deal' -  Kim Godfrey gives testimonial of first-hand witness of various technologies.

Buyer Beware > Four Things You Need to Know About Dennis - Don Gillette cashed in his IRA in 1993 to purchase a BWT dealership to sell, among other things, a revolutionary free energy device, expecting a return on his investment in a few months. Thirteen years later, after a long string of excuses and changed promises, he tells his story. (Sept. 21, 2006)

Testimonial > Dealer Vouches for Dennis Lee - David Bridwell knows Dennis personally, and says that his technology "is real."

Buyer Beware > I Was a Dennis Lee Dealer - Be Careful - technology might have merit, but tactics are suspect.

Testimonial > Dennis Lee Wins Die-Hard Award - Dealer from 1987 says we need to credit Dennis Lee for persistence -- and some success.


  • Inventors > Dennis Lee -- the Enigma - Exploring the enigma that is Dennis Lee -- perhaps the most controversial figure in the field of free energy, bar none. Some consider him an energy savior, others, a shyster. While his free energy technology might be dubious, the sincerity of Lee and his followers is a force to be reckoned with. (PESWiki; March 6)
    • Part I (2 hours) - Dennis tells story of his "call", his trip to Israel, company stock coming into 50 million in worth, down to 7 million, when Lee declares war on the Utilities in a full-page add in Seattle, which resulted in his eviction from Washington, loss of his company, and landed him in prison (which is covered in detail in Part II). Primary outreach is to pastors, who then reach their flocks.
    • Part II (~3 hours) - Dennis tells of the circumstances that landed him in prison for two years on a civil code violation, with criminal charges dropped, rebuffed appeals. Multiple hair-raising attempts on his life, from which he was delivered. How he taught classes and learned from fellow inmates while incarcerated. Rebuilding the business upon his release. Also talks about his days on the speaking circuit with the "patriot movement" preparedness expos in the early 1990's, giving thousands of lectures around the country.
    • (23-part series; ~53 hours)
  • Dennis Lee's Energy Circus - March 2006 circuit will showcase the usual unusual science with typical marketing flair. Catering to the unschooled, the shows continue to pull in more money while doing little, if anything, to provide genuine energy solutions. (PESN; Mar. 2, 2006)

Post-Dec. 28, 2002 Update

From: chrislannon
Sent: Friday, January 31, 2003 10:15 PM
Subject: Jeff Otto..Dennis Lee update

Sterling..this might be suitable for your Dennis Lee section?



Free Electricity Update:

   This has been a hard row to hoe to say the least. We (the active dealers and the company) thought it would be easy to obtain 1.6 million Americans and Canadians willing to show up to witness the greatest event since the industrial revolution. The only stipulation we make, for the possibility of a lifetime of free power, was to simply witness the initial demonstration of a completed unit (in your own state or province) once we obtained a critical mass of public awareness. What do I always hear back, if you really do have it show me! We did, there is only two major components to this technology, the Hummingbird motor and the Sundance generator. The International Tesla Electric Company (ITEC) did a nationwide tour in '99 of the Hummingbird, and again in '01 with the Sundance. There was no charge to attend these demonstrations, and all the so-called experts were invited to bring their test equipment and disprove our claims, some did take us up on the offer, their instruments read the same as ours.

   So why don't you just complete a prototype, demonstrate that it works and be done with it? The simple answer is that the equipment would be confiscated, taken to an unknown location, and declared a fraud by an unnamed so-called expert. Not in America you say. Well it happened exactly that way, back in Seattle, Washington (mid-eighties). Dennis Lee, now Director of Research for Better World Technologies was thrown in jail under numerous criminal charges, the equipment disappeared and they totally sacked a 50+ million dollar company. Eventually the technology was proven in a court of law and all criminal charges were dismissed. This is all documented in The Alternative by Dennis Lee, August 1994. If you do not want to pay the $22.95 for your own copy, you may find it at your local library, if not, ask why not (ISBN will be provided once obtained from the company, my copy is dated '94, ISBN: still pending :).

   So where are you at now? We still need plus or minus a million witnesses. ITEC (International Tesla Electric Company) made a grave mistake in April of '02; they put their faith in man (Jesses Epps and the NUAF) instead of God, and granted the NUAF an exclusive to fill the remaining witness positions. The entire UCSA dealer network, excluding the one dealer that brought the NUAF to the table, was NEUTERED. All the momentum gained in the 4 plus prior years was lost. Another grave mistake was made, Dennis stated, "Come what may we will launch on December 28th, 2002". The NUAF failed miserably and Dennis repented for his declaration, came to his senses in November of '02, and ended this insanity. One thing to keep in mind here is that all the major unions have agreed with the NUAF, in writing, to fill the remaining positions. There are also several of the major religious organizations of this country (USA) working in conjunction with NUAF. Any one of the above could fill the void with the stroke of a pen! Don't hold your breath, we have this beast called politics that controls all of the above and more as well. For a statement from Dennis and Alison [his wife and corporate secretary of UCSA (United Community Services of America)] and a brief run down of the project to date, please view "For Those With Ears To Hear".

   So what now? Well the entire UCSA dealer network is once again involved in obtaining the necessary public support to launch this project. By the way, there are 2,000 dealership positions total; of those there are 1,300 plus (some own multiple dealerships) actual living, breathing individuals that have acquired dealership positions. Of those 1,300+, only three dozen have actually done ANYTHING to launch this technology. Out of those 3 dozen there is only about 1/3 that have actually shouldered their part of this burden and then some. So out of 1,300+ actual dealers 97% of the entire UCSA dealer network have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, with basically only 1% obtaining all the witnesses to date! To the roughly 1,300 UCSA dealers out there that have done absolutely nothing to advance this technology, it irritates me, to say the least, to consider you a fellow brother/sister dealer! Either get off your collective butts and put your shoulder to the plow, or sell your positions and get the heck out of the way. I apologize to the rest of you; I had to get that crap out of my craw. Now with the above information and the fact stated in the last update of 11/10/02, let me quote "If every witness directly registered by the dealers as of April '02 had just brought 2 friends into this program ITEC would have launched on July 4th of this year" (that was the past Independence Day). One last point I would like to make on this subject (in the form of a question) is directed to the Attorney Generals of this country, Eric Kreig and his ilk, the media, big business, and the BBB etcetera:

If we (BWT, UCSA, ITEC, and the UCSA active dealers) are all human scum, con artists and fools who have nothing of value to share with the world, why not do everything in your power to help us achieve a critical mass of public awareness, launch our technology, and prove to the world that, in fact, we are not capable of producing Free Electricity?

The answer to that question is obvious, they know the technology works, and they are scared to death of the power of "We the people"! Once fully informed and united in purpose, only a fool would dare tread on us. Are you beginning to see the logic in our requirement for a critical mass of the people's support?


   There is now no restriction to registering with this program in the State of Oregon; the court decision against ITEC has been overturned. UCSA dealers as of this time cannot directly register anyone in the states of Maine, Vermont, Washington, or Alaska, however membership in the Discount Buyer's Club or the NUAF is available to anyone in the US or Canada and they both come with a Free Electricity registration unless you opt out, or are already registered.

   If you are already registered as a witness:

   Protect that confirmation letter and numbered registration certificate. If you have moved or other wise changed your contact information, simply make a copy of your registration, note the changes on the face of the copy, and mail it to ITEC (the address is located at the top of the certificate) along with one ($1.00) US dollar to cover the administration fee. Your information will be updated in ITEC's database and you will be notified when and where to attend the initial demonstration in your area. If you have lost or misplaced your original certificate, make a copy of your confirmation letter; request a duplicate certificate and mail to ITEC (PO Box 576, Newfoundland, NJ  07435) with a five ($5.00) US dollar administration fee. If you have lost or misplaced both, contact the UCSA dealer you registered with for the proper remedy.

   If you are not registered as a witness and would like to support this project, there is now four ways through this UCSA dealer you may participate:

1) Join the Discount Buyer's Club and enjoy discounts with a double the difference price guarantee on over two million name brand products people buy every day. Plus much, much more, the complete details begins at

there is also listing the major benefits in Adobe.pdf format on site,

... that you would like to be registered in ITEC's Free Electricity program. For a link to the home page with links to all product offerings click here.

3) Take UCSA up on their Free Look offer and receive a copy of The Alternative, three full length videos of; products now available, products under development, and of course Free Electricity plus much more. For full details of the Free Look offer please click here.

4) You may also join the National Union of American Families, for details on NUAF membership please click here.


   I am already registered, what can I do to help? Tell everybody you know! If you have a copy of The Alternative or any of the videos share them with your friends, family, pastor and church members. You may just send them to this web site ( or any of the other UCSA dealer sites out there in cyber-space. Just get the word out any way you can! You may also help recruit members into the Discount Buyer's Club and earn ten bucks each immediately along with a $1,300.00 annual income (when and if we are successful) for each new witness for the rest of your life. For details on recruiting members into the Discount Buyer's Club, please click here. The NUAF also offers a similar incentive for recruitment into their organization, for information on that option, please click here. There are video and audio files available on site absolutely free to view and/or listen to at:

 and at

For further information, Dennis has a recorded message at 1-212-461-8738 (no PIN # required for access) updated periodically.



Pre Dec. 28 Update

----- Original Message -----
From: chrislannon
Sent: Monday, October 07, 2002 4:40 PM
Subject: Dennis Lee update

Hello Sterling

Just thought I'd give you an update on the Dennis Lee generator plan since it seems that the dealer you link to at
    Dennis Lee's 30 KW permanent magnet generator slated for release in December 2002.  Despite controversy, the unit does work, though there are still some bugs to be work out, such as an overheating issue that decharges magnets.
    Another page for the 30 KW generator

Dennis Lee's 30 MW generator
Quota Filled

- free unit
- free electricity
- free servicing

has not yet updated his web site.

First of all the quota has NOT been filled.. Here's why

Dennis is looking for 1.6 million witnesses before bringing out the technology (He also needs the capital derived from the $15 sign up fee). Up until this summer he has been relying on his dealers to fill this quota.

They haven't come estimates are around 1/2 million.

Enter Jesse Epps

An agreement was struck between Jesse and BWT (Dennis) that all remaining witnesses be signed up via Jesse new Union..NUAF..the Nation Union of American Families. As a result the dealers are no longer able to sign up witnesses on there own (hence the assertion that the quota is filled).

As of NOW registrations for the BWT generator plan proceed through joining the NUAF ($15 for the first year $8 a year thereafter and there are MANY other GOOD reasons for joining NUAF)

In other words if you join NUAF you get an invitation to come see the BWT generator demonstration and this is going forward as the only way homeowners can get involved.

Dennis was very hopeful that Jesse would be able to, over the last few months, through his connections with the prominent unions in the country, put him over the top in terms of supplying the necessary witnesses. So far this has not happened as reported by Dennis just yesterday.

Jesse's task was to convince major unions to pony up $15 per member to buy into the program and it has become obvious that Jesse is not using free electricity as an incentive, preferring to rely on his NUAF benefits to attract interest. So the teachers union, for example, would have to come up with several million dollars to get involved. Hmm

Jesse is a formidable fellow and in the long run may get it done..but as of now plans for a Dec 28th demo are not looking good.

Here's some links to dealers that stays more on top of things

Best to You Sterling and thanks for your efforts of which I've just recently become aware (Tilley)

Chris Lannon


Relevant Links

See also

  • Dennis Lee -- the Enigma - Exploring the enigma that is Dennis Lee -- perhaps the most controversial figure in the field of free energy, bar none. Some consider him an energy savior, others, a shyster. While his free energy technology might be dubious, the sincerity of Lee and his followers is a force to be reckoned with. (PESWiki)


Page posted by Sterling D. Allan around Oct. 7, 2002
Last updated March 20, 2008



Making Algae Biodiesel


ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

    "When you're one step ahead
of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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